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Non- Warranty Service Minimum Fee Schedule

This is our Service Minimum Fee rate schedule and is an authorization to evaluate and/or repair your equipment per the below schedule up to the amount stated per equipment type. A 10% additional amount is also accepted to allow for minor repair parts when needed. If we need to exceed these scheduled amounts, an estimate will be provided. Service estimates do not include applicable sales tax, return shipping costs, or special parts order freight charges.

1) $20 - Individual speaker recone service

2) $40 - Passive speaker cabinets - Wired microphones

3)  $80 - Powered speaker cabinets - Power Amplifiers - Combo Amps - Analog Mixers (1-12 channels) - Keyboards - DJ equipment - Wireless Microphones - Effects Pedals

4)  $120 - Vintage / Console Keyboards - Analog Mixers (13-24 channels)

5)  $160 - Digital Mixers - Analog Mixers (25+channels) 

Priority Services Schedule

Priority Service is an expedited diagnostic service performed within a specified period as indicated below. Priority Service is not a promise date of repair completion as there are sometimes unknown factors such as non-stocked parts needed to complete a repair.

$25 Priority - diagnosis within 1 business week

$50 Super Priority - diagnosis within 1 business day

Payment Due at Check In

Varies from $20 - $160. The amount due is determined based on the customer's equipment catagory as defined in the Service Minimum Schedule + any elected Priority Service + applicable Sales Tax. Payments received at check-in apply towards approved or declined estimates. 

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