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Pro Audio Repair

Whether you have a band, provide backline for concerts, run sound at a house of worship, theater or have pro audio installed at your venue, we keep it running.

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What We RepairOur Location

band equipment

Guitar and bass amps, keyboards, sound reinforcement…  Most of the electronics that a music store sells is what we repair.  Click on the links to make sure that we handle the brands that you own.

What We RepairOur Location

Over 100 Manufacturers

Warranty and non-warranty repair for over 100 different manufacturers in the pro-audio, lighting and sound world.


satisfaction guaranteed

Our repair service is guaranteed for thirty days to make sure you stay up and running.


Save Precious Time

Quick turnarounds are available for production equipment.  Jump ahead of the queue with priority service.

45 years experience

Since 1985, we’ve been helping customers get their pro audio equipment back up and running.  With experience to do all types of board level and  compoment level repair, we keep your business running.  Thousands of electronic components in stock and a huge service manual library from all the manufacturers we do repair for allow us to quickly get to the heart of the problem.

If you can buy it from a music store, a sound contractor or a pro-sound website, chances are we can repair it.

+ Satisfied Customers

+ Repairs Completed

Years In Business

Service Calls

When we need to come to your venue, service calls are available.  Click the button to learn more.