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Bring Your equipment to our location

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The majority of people who need our service bring their items to us.  Our location is at the following address:

10870 Plano Rd Ste C
Dallas, TX 75238  

Our phone number is:


Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Hours will be different for major holidays, please call to make sure we are open. 

If you need to make sure we work on the specific type of equipment you need repaired, please check on the following pages:


Warranty Request

If you are requesting warranty work for the item you need repaired, make sure you have the original purchase receipt with you when you bring in the item.  Make sure you know the warranty period for the item, and that you have looked at our line card to make sure we perform warranty service for the requested manufacturer.  Please call if you have questions.


Service Time

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The current service time is approximately three weeks.  Expedited service is available for a nominal fee.



Anything necessary to operate the equipment to be repaired, such as a non-standard power cord or a particular memory card needs to be brought to help with the diagnosis.