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Warranty Work

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Audio Electronics is an independent service center.  We are a privately owned business located in Dallas, Texas.

We have contracts with certain companies to provide warranty service for their products, but we are not an affiliate of the manufacturer.  Rules and guidelines for warranty service are governed by the manufacturer.  Information on a manufacturer’s warranty is usually available in detail on their website. 

Your purchase receipt has to be provided to us so that we can validate with the manufacturer that the item is under their warranty period. 

The warranty period may include either parts or labor or both.   The customer will be liable for any charges not covered, which may include shipping of parts to/from the manufacturer or charges for parts and labor not covered. 

If you are shipping us the item for warranty repair, please note that the cost of the shipping of the item to us and back to you are not covered when dealing with an independent service center.

Any item brought in for warranty service is added to our normal queue.  If a customer requires expedited service, they may pay for expedited service and shipping, which is not covered under warranty.  The customer always has the option of shipping their item directly to the manufacturer to receive warranty work instead of bringing the item to our repair center. 

Parts in stock at the manufacturer may take less than a week to receive.  Items not in stock may take weeks or months or longer if they need to be manufactured.

If an item brought in for warranty service has been damaged in a way that voids the warranty, the customer will be liable to us for all labor charges, parts charges and any shipping necessary to repair the item.

Certain parts, such a tubes in a tube amplifier, are only covered for a short period of warranty time by the manufacturer.

Below is the list of manufacturers for which we provide warranty service.

Of course, we do non-warranty work for their products as well.